Ok unsound sleepers, this one's for you.

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It's the Manta Sleep Mask. Available from Amazon for $29, this mask blacks-out 100% of light, and is surprisingly comfortable to wear.

The mask has over 1200 reviews, and ranks 4.6 out of 5 stars.

I have been using it for the last week or so, and I've really had the easiest time falling -- and staying -- asleep.

According to some of the reviews on Amazon:

"This sleep mask is revolutionary! I’ve never been able to keep one on my face. Usually, they get flung to the far corners of the bedroom out of frustration. The Manta Sleep Mask has changed my bedtime routine. Often, my husband plays on his phone in bed. I like to snuggle up but the backlit screen bothers me. Not anymore. The morning rays peeking through the window are darkened too! You cannot see anything when the eye cups are adjusted. It also, miraculously, does not move around and stays put on my face all night long. "

Other reviews mentioned how great it is for shift workers:

"Recommended by other emergency room doctors, this sleep mask is wonderful for those of us who do shift work. It is so comfortable and completely customizable. It blocks out ALL light."

I have been recommending this to all of my friends, especially those having trouble sleeping with their routines out of whack during the pandemic.

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