There is one person in New York State who is getting all sorts of negative attention and it is all because of a big smile!

Who is the most negative person you know? There is a good chance that they can turn any good thing in to a bad thing. They always see the glass have empty and to make it worse, come up with a way to make it sound as if that glass is cracked and only going to be completely empty soon. These people seem to enjoy the bad news in life.

However, there are some people who are always smiling or seem happy when a bad situation is happening. These people, although goodhearted, are equally annoying.

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Meet "Negative Nick". Nick is being talked about across New York State for a photo that appeared in thousands of emails related to the New York City Marathon.

According to many runners and media reports, Nick was the featured runner in a photo that was attached to an email that informed runners that they were NOT qualified to run the New York City Marathon. It was nearly impossible to write that line with an "LOL" at the end.

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