We all know that 2020 has been a very upside-down year filled with lots of craziness and unexpected things.

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Now you can have the perfect Christmas tree to represent 2020....The upside-down Christmas Tree.

Currently, Home Depot has a 7 and 1/2 foot upside-down Christmas tree up for sale.


If there isn't a better representation of this year than an upside-down Christmas tree, I don't what is.

The upside-down Christmas tree retails for anywhere between $157 dollars all the way up to $843 dollars.

They come with nothing on them to ones that are fully pre-lit.

According to GoodHouseKeeping.com, an upside-down Christmas tree is not a new idea. It has been around for a long time,

The symbol of the upside-down tree may have begun in 7th century. But it was southern Poland where the trend really thrived. In a tradition called podłazniczek, Polish people used "fruit, nuts, sweets wrapped in shiny paper, straw, ribbons, gold-painted pine cones" to decorate a spruce hanging upside down from the ceiling in the center of the room,



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