In the world we live in, there is always room for something on the lighter side of the news and this discovery might be just perfect. Your kids are going to want to take a peak at the rock that was discovered in Brazil!

Once you see it, you won't get the image out of your head. It is almost creepy how similar the rock is to the character from Sesame Street!

According to the report, the rock is pale and rugged on the outside but when split open, the inside looks just like Cookie Monster. The photo got so much attention, even Cookie Monster had to share it on Twitter.

Our kids love rock hunting in our yard. As a matter of fact, even though they have plenty of toys to play with, the biggest thrill for our sons is when they get to dig in a dirt pile that we have in our yard! Hank and Teddy are convinced that there is gold, or perhaps a fossil, under the sod and dirt that makes a small sized hill outback.

Some of us are old enough to remember the days of the pet rock craze. This is definitely an upgrade to that! After the year we just had and all of the depressing stories we watched or read, a Cookie Monster rock is a great relief!

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