Granger Smith is going to be rocking Stampede Square before the UB Bulls take on Temple tomorrow at UB Stadium.  Here are three things you should know before the show!

1.  Who is Earl Dibbles Jr.?

Earl Dibbles Jr. is the alter ego of Granger Smith.  He's a character that Granger created as a promotional tool to get his name out there.  He would make videos and the goal was to hit a million views.  He did it.  Before you know it, he's on ESPN's College Gameday predicting football games based on the school's mascot, then releasing songs that spoke to every redneck.

2.  What does Yee Yee mean?

Yee Yee could be described as the battle call for any Earl Dibbles Jr. fan.  It was described on his Twitter page like this:

An exclamation used by hunters, fishers and other country folk when just about anything happens. YEE YEE!!


3.  What time does the party start?

The kickoff for this game has been moved up so that it can be nationally televised so the party has been moved up too.

Game time is at 3:30pm

Tailgate Concert is at 1:30pm

We will see you there!

Yee yee!!

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