Buffalo sure has changed a lot over the years, thankfully YouTube has a record of all our unfortunate hairstyles and favorite forgotten stores.

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Who doesn't remember this catchy jingle that had every Buffalonian talkin' proud. We love this campaign and the crazy way the people in this video walk so much, this is one that should make a comeback.

While we mostly shop at Tops, Wegmans, Aldi and Walmart these days, Bells was the place to go in the 1980s. The last Bells in Western New York closed in 1993.

Amusement parks remain closed so far this year, but maybe that's okay, because looking at this commercial for the iconic Crystal Beach has us longing for a time machine to visit this historic family attraction in its heyday.

This 1981 commercial for Fay's Drugstore touts their new computer technology in the pharmacy. We still miss seeing those bold yellow bags. The last Fay's Drugs closed in Western New York in 1993.

Long before Christmas Tree Stores were a thing, Cheektowaga had Ziggy & Zon's Christmas World. This place was the greatest odds and ends store this side of Vidler's, and closed its Airport Plaza location in 1997. Fun fact: one of the store's founders Louis A. Zon, had the first grocery store in Buffalo that carried Tropicana Orange Juice.

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