I'm not much of a cook.  I like to grill quite a bit, but when it comes to indoor culinary arts, I've never been praised for my skills.  If I wrote a cookbook, it would involve, pouring a bowl of cereal, making macaroni and cheese, and maybe hard boiling eggs.  But did you know there's a right way and a wrong way to do it?

When you boil eggs, do you notice the yolk being a dingy green color instead of the bright yellow color like in pictures?  That may be because you're overcooking them.  It creates a sulfuric reaction in the eggs that makes the yolks green.  It's not dangerous for you.  But it does make them look a little less edible.  This will also make the egg whites a little less rubbery.

Are the shells cracking in the water?  Try letting the eggs sit out for a little while to reach room temperature.  Add the eggs at the same time that you add the cold water to the pot.  This will keep the eggs from going from very cold to very hot in boiling water.  That is what makes the eggs crack.

Also, is it taking forever for your water to boil?  Try not putting so much water in.  You only need enough water to submerge the eggs in so that they're about an inch below the surface.  You don't need to fill a huge pot for a dozen eggs.

I know they seem like simple things to do, but trust me...I've ruined my fair share of eggs by not having these tips.  If you have some extra cool cooking tips to share that have to do with easter eggs, feel free to share.  Got a favorite recipe for deviled eggs or egg salad?  We'd love to hear them.