Everyone I know who will be watching the Super Bowl is planning on getting pizza and likely wings for the big game on Sunday.

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Obviously, if you've ever ordered pizza or other items for the game in past years, the wait and crowds can get very hectic, especially for popular places such as Bocce, Imperial, Picasso's, etc.

Here are some tips for saving time and effort when ordering pizza and wings for the Super Bowl:

1) Order online - If you can order online at the place, definitelty go that route if you can. It should save you time in the ordering process.

2) Call Too Far Ahead - If not online, call ahead much earlier than you normally would. I would even try and call late morning, early afternoon and see if they take time requests. Some might even allow you to place an order before Sunday.

This can be different for every place, however, but it never hurts to call as far out as possible.

3) Pick up the order - Don't chance it by getting delivery on Super Bowl Sunday. Even Uber Eats or DoorDash. It's a little more in your control if you brave the line and pick it up yourself. Just make sure you don't miss the kickoff!

4) Look for Super Bowl Sunday deals - There might be a party deal at the pizzeria your ordering from for the Super Bowl, never hurts to check.

Also, be prepared for a slightly busier Wegmans and Tops this weekend -- with everyone gathering those crucial game-day snacks!

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