Many people spend more time in their cars than they do with their families.�� From commutes to work and long trips, we get pretty close to those vehicles.

Often times, they take on a bit of a personality.  We start to look at them almost as if they're human.  Love them, or hate them, when we name them they hold a different place in our memory banks.

That's what today is all about.  It's National Name Your Car Day.

When I was a kid, we had a Chrysler LeBaron.  We argued for days over what to call it until we picked my sister up from school one day and she pointed out that LeBaron backwards was Nora-bel.  So that car became known as Norabel from that moment forward.

These days, I drive a minivan for the time being that I call the Swagger Wagon.  Yeah...I know it's not cool to drive a minivan.  There's not much swagger in a minivan.  But it works for me with my sound system and all the stuff I always have to carry in it.  So yes, maybe I"m just making myself feel better about driving a vehicle that is so shunned.  But my Swagger Wagon hasn't let me down over the years.  It's served me pretty well.

Maybe it's in the make of the car, or a physical attribute, just about everyone has at one time in their lives come up with a name for their cars.  If not, maybe today is your day!

What are the most common names for people to give to their vehicles?  Surprisingly (or not) the most common names begin with the letter B.  Why?  No one knows.

Here are some of the biggest according to Thrillist:

1. Betsy

2.  Bessie

3.  The Beast

4.  Sally

5.  Baby

6.  Lucy

7.  Bertha

8.  Herbie

9.  Turbo

10.  Stella


I wondered what my facebook friends had to say.  Do they name their cars?  They sure do!  I can't even keep up with the number of names that I've seen here's the post itself:


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