It's another unofficial official holiday today!  It's National One Hit Wonder Day.  A day to celebrate those songs that gave an artist or group their 15 minutes of fame with a hit in the top 40. Did you know they celebrate this day every year on September 25th?

I'm sure for some of these songs you could make an argument that there was more than one hit from these bands but chances are they didn't really chart very high.  These are the songs that these bands are known for.  Here are some of the ones that have me shaking my head asking, "what the heck happened to these people?"

1. Mrs. Steven Rudy - Mark McGuinn


2. All Things Considered - Yankee Grey


3. Feed Jake -- Pirates of the Mississippi


4.  Baby Likes To Rock It -- The Tractors


5.  What I really Meant To Say - Cyndi Thomson


6.  Should've Asked Her Faster -- Ty England


7.  Leave The Pieces - The Wreckers


8.  I Loved Her First - Heartland


9.  Who I Am -- Jessica Andrews


10.  Nobody Knows -- Kevin Sharp

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