If you like to wait for the last minute to do things, now is your time to shine.

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Today is the final day that you can take the 2020 census. According to the Government's website, there are several ways you can make sure you are counted in this year's census.

The 2020 Census is still accepting responses online at 2020Census.gov, by phone, or by mail -- as long as it's postmarked by Oct. 15. There are options to respond online and over the phone in 13 different languages.

So why should you take part in the Census? The data collected by the census is used to divide seats in Congress among the states and allocate roughly $1.5 trillion in federal spending for the next 10 years.

Based on the last census in 2010, Buffalo had a population of 261,310 people. You can see all the latest census data HERE


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