Buffalo Bills fans have been waiting for one big announcement from the New England Patriots.  And for a minute today, we thought we had heard it.

The announcement we want to hear?

We are waiting to hear that Tom Brady has had enough and he is going to retire.

And he said it today with his very first tweet ever:

What?!?  Can it be real?

Of course not.  This guy isn't going anywhere.  It was all just an April Fool's Day joke.  He joined Twitter just to troll us all.  And he crushed Buffalo once again without even getting on the field.  Man...as much as I hate to admit it, this guy really IS the GOAT!

But are you thinking what I'm thinking?  Tom Brady is one of the oldest players in the NFL but how is it that today is the first day that he finally joined twitter?  And what would make him join now??




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