Tony Romo had a slip of the tongue during the Sunday football game between the Buffalo Bills and the Kansas City Chiefs, and many people are wondering if it was intentional. 

It’s unclear how many times the NFL broadcast cut to Taylor Swift during the game, but one of the first times they showed her, NFL announcer Tony Romo made a comment that caught everyone’s attention. 

Perhaps he is just a major Swiftie and he is on board with Tayvis and/or Traylor…maybe Romo already has the inside scoop and he got too excited and broke the news early, but here’s what happened:

Romo referred to Taylor Swift as “Kelce’s wife.” 

You can hear those comments below. 

It’s unlikely that the two have actually gotten married in the amount of time they have been together, because Romo makes a point to correct himself immediately after the mistake and fix it by saying “I’m sorry, his girlfriend.” 

I guess her song Lavender Haze would work well here. 

All they keep askin' me (all they keep askin' me)

Is if I'm gonna be your bride

The only kind of girl they see (only kind of girl they see)

Is a one-night or a wife

If you ever have a moment, listen to Taylor’s song called Mary’s Song. The last few lyrics seem to predict her relationship with Travis Kelce, even though the song was released in 2009. 

You can listen to it below. 

PICTURES: Taylor Swift at the Kansas City Chiefs Game (Dec. 3)

Some have called Taylor Swift a good luck charm for the Kansas City Chiefs: They were on a 4-0 winning streak of games she attended, until now. Swift was in the stands to cheer on her boyfriend Travis Kelce, and although the team lost to the Green Bay Packers, Swift still stunned in matching black-and-red looks with Brittany Mahomes and Lyndsay Bell (two of the wives of Chiefs players) at the game.

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Taylor Swift accepted NFL tight end Travis Kelce's invitation to attend his football game on Sunday (Sept. 24). His Kansas City Chiefs beat the Chicago Bears 41-10 in Kansas City. Swift was remarkably excited when Kelce scored a touchdown to make it 34-0.

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