Garth Brooks and Blake Shelton has a massive hit on their hands with their new song "Dive Bar" and Garth even announced he is going to a "Dive Bar" how do you really know if you are in a Dive Bar?

Here are the Top 5 Signs You Are In A Dive Bar

1. Everything is Sticky....From the floor to the bar there is some sort of sticky film covering the place. We are not sure what it is, but it is STICKY!

2. There is at least one regular old-timer at the bar at all times. We call them townies, and they look like they haven't left the bar in 15 years.

3. They have Beer or Shots That's It....No fancy drinks here...You have two choices at the bar, beer or shots..and most of the shots are Whiskey.

4. The Women's bathroom is broken and the guys haven't been clean in are going to want to hold it until you leave.

5. There is a stage...kind of. There are two kinds of stages in Dive Bars. Either the stage is only big enough to fit one person and maybe their guitar or the stage is the largest stage you ever have seen and could fit 13 bands on it at one time, yet there is only an acoustic guitarist on stage.



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