PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: GUYS--VALENTINE'S DAY IS THURSDAY. Don't forget. Also, Don't get her these gifts. You weighed in and this is what we decided you should never give women for Valentine's Day (really, no day for that matter).

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    Gym Membership

    What a strange gift anyway. You might as well get them a shirt that's an XXXL and say, "Here, Babe"


  • 2

    Gift Certificates

    Hey, I would have said this one is OK. Most girls probably don't like the stuff we buy for them anyway.

  • 3

    Kitchen Supplies

    Unless your wife asks for it (which, she probably won't), you're hinting something.

  • 4


    You're in the dog house if you show up with nothing. Even worse, you forget.

  • 5


    I am still blown away by the amount of people that called in and said vacuums. Household supplies = a no-no

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