Have you decided on a Halloween costume yet?  Ya better hurry....the holiday is just over two weeks away.  Last year, I procrastinated and ended up having to cut holes in an old bed sheet and go as a ghost.  I looked like an idiot and the costume was very annoying.  If you are having a hard time choosing what to wear for yourself, your significant other or your kid.....here are a few suggestions.  These are the top costume ideas for 2012 as compiled by AOL.


1. Sesame Street Big Bird Costume- $29.99- Big Bird is the "in thing" thanks to Mitt Romney's reference in the first presidential debate.

2. Sock Monkey Costume-$24.99- Have seen the character...didn't know he was so popular!

3. Billion Dollar Baby Bunting Costume- $23.00- I have to admit...I had to Google it to see WTH this was.  It's a sack of money!



1. Thor Costume- under $20.00- Everyone knows the almighty Thor.  He's back and popular again!

2. Owl Costume- $50.00-  Who Who Who would pay 50 bucks for a owl costume for a toddler.  I'd say skip the bird and find something cheap.

3. Green Lantern Costume- under $20.00-  One of my favorite super heroes.  Problem is, I bet a lot of kids will be wearing this one.



1. Marvin the Martian-under $20.00...Sweet!! Remember this lil guy.  Red shirt...lil green helmet.  I love the idea, but I wonder if kids nowadays know who he is.  I guess they must if it's the top costume on AOL's list.

2. Girls American Dream- $30.00- Yep, had to look this one up too.   It's basically a super hero costume.  Like a Captain America for girls.

3. Rapunzel "Tangled" Costume-$30.00- Another classic that was remade and hit big!



1. Captain America- under $30.00- The Avengers are huge.  Captain America being one of the most popular.

2. Papa Smurf- $20.00- I have to admit, I actually thought of being Papa Smurf, but I couldn't deal with the blue face paint all night!  The children's costume comes with a mask.

3. Angry Birds Red Bird Costume- Those Angry Birds are still very popular.  Who can resist flinging birds into towers with pigs on them...LOL.  Cool costume idea.


(Radio Online)

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