This could be super exciting!

Here in Western New York, we’ve been hearing about the allure of Topgolf for years now, but most of us haven’t had a chance to experience it unless we’ve visited one while on vacation. 

Since these cool-looking venues are so massive, most of them are located in bigger suburban areas like Atlanta, Dallas and Las Vegas. Right now, the only Topgolf in New York State is located all the way down in Long Island.

Even people who hate playing golf are intrigued by Topgolf, and wouldn’t turn down an opportunity to try it thanks to all of the buzz surrounding it.

What Is Topgolf?

Topgolf is more than just your typical driving range. These massive indoor/outdoor entertainment complexes combine high-tech driving ranges with a restaurant and bar, outdoor seating, and even a music venue. 

TopGolf Hitting Bay

Rather than just casually hitting golf balls, Topgolf offers several different games involving hitting targets to accumulate points, making it accessible and fun for both golf pros and total novices.

Another cool thing about Topgolf? The balls they use are microchipped, and track the accuracy and distance of your shot.

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Currently, Topgolf has 80 locations across the US, but more are slated to be opening soon - including, maybe, in Western New York?

Is Topgolf Coming To Western New York?

Nothing has been confirmed, but a lot of clues are leading many to believe that Topgolf could be on its way to the area.

According to News10NBC in Rochester, developers have put in a proposal to the Brighton Public Works Committee for an “outdoor recreation and golf entertainment venue,” using 18 acres behind the Costco store in the CityGate development on East Henrietta and Westfall roads.

Topgulf drawing
News 10 NBC/Canva

The proposal goes on to say that “The proposed user is a premier national golf entertainment venue,” and that the “user has several locations across the United States.”

That sure sounds a lot like Topgolf (or something just like it) to us!

More Clues Topgolf Is Coming To The Rochester Area

Another hint that Topgolf could be coming to Western New York? The commercial broker that oversees the CityGate complex lists Topgolf as a tenant.

Also, drawings that were submitted to the town of Brighton with the proposal look *very* similar to what a Topgolf space would look like. Renderings show a 45,000 square foot building with indoor driving range bays, games and recreation on two levels, along with an outfield.

Topgolf drawing
News 10 NBC/Canva

Developers of the project say this new venue would be a tourist destination estimated to bring 250,000 visitors to the area per year and generate 10-20 million dollars annually, along with creating 300 local permanent  jobs.

When Can We Expect Topgolf To Open In Western New York?

Not so fast…

Before the project can hit the ground running, developers still have some hoops to jump though.

In order for the project to be approved, the land would need to be rezoned. Currently, the area where the Topgolf is proposed to be built is zoned as residential rather than commercial.

If the Brighton Public Works Committee approves, the proposal would then be sent to the town planning board for review.

If this is really happening, and Topgolf opens up shop here in Western New York, we are so there!

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