Thanksgiving is meant to celebrate the joys of being together and how much we are grateful for being in each other’s company, yet some Thanksgivings in Western New York have a potential of getting ruined because of that one family member (and you probably already have an idea in your head of who that might be).

Of course, everyone tends to push their limits when it comes to family members, and it can be a tricky thing to navigate. What’s off limits? What is...on limits? (Is on limits the opposite of off limits?)

Anyway, there are some conversations that you should actively try to avoid at the Thanksgiving dinner table, because they can be polarizing topics, and even though you have never fought with your Aunt Jennifer before, you may spark something within her that causes her to throw her plate at the front door. 

And trust me, shattering a porcelain plate against the front door of Grandma’s house doesn’t exactly put you in a thankful and appreciative mood. 

To have the absolute best Thanksgiving in Western New York, there are 16 topics that you may want to consider avoiding this year. 

Refer to this list if you have any questions. 

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The only rule that may have some leeway is the one about football. Of course, you want to try to be present at the Thanksgiving dinner table, so it may be best to avoid football talk until after the meal is over. 

However, some families feel closer to each other, solely because of their love for the Buffalo Bills. If that applies to your family, then you should use your own discretion.

A few safe topics for Thanksgiving dinner include the weather, how your job is going, your favorite Thanksgiving food, and best concert you have gone to recently. 

Happy Thanksgiving, and may you have the most relaxing food coma. 

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