Buffalo has been reeling since the heartbreaking attack that rocked our city just a couple of weeks ago. 

On May 14th, an active shooter entered the area of Tops Friendly Market on Jefferson Ave., killing ten people, injuring three, and leaving dozens of people without their sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, grandfathers, grandmothers, and friends.

So many of us have been looking for ways to show support for the victims’ families and survivors, and feel helpless in doing so.

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Now, Western New Yorkers can team up with Tops Friendly Markets and the National Compassion Fund to make a true difference in the lives of the survivors of this devastating event. Together, they have teamed up to form the Buffalo 5/14 Survivors Fund. 

The Buffalo 5/14 Survivors fund was established to give financial assistance directly to the survivors of those who died in the attack, along with others that are directly affected.

One hundred percent of the funds that are donated will go directly to these victims and survivors.

At the time of publication of this post, Tops and the National Compassion Fund have raised over $1.5 million dollars of their $2 million dollar goal - but it’s still not enough.

We know that we can never bring back the ten incredible lives that were tragically lost on May 14th, but by donating what we can to this GoFundMe, we can honor their lives and hopefully help those close to them get a little bit of comfort and peace.

Please donate what you can here.

Buffalo Mass Shooting: Multiple Fatalities

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