This Facebook group has been problematic for half of the population since it was created.

With a goal of protecting women and fostering a safe space that allows women to air out their concerns about a guy they recently dated or they are dating, etc…in theory, this group sounds like a great idea, right?

In Western New York, we have our own local chapter of the Facebook group called, “Are We Dating The Same Guy? Buffalo 716 WNY,” and as of this week, there are nearly 60,000 members. (That is close to double the members than you will see in the Bills Mafia Babes Facebook group.)  

In the Western New York local chapter of the dating group, women are able to let other ladies know if they are seemingly dating the same man by sharing their own personal experiences with each other, including photos, screenshots, text messages, etc. 

Since the group was formed in May 2022, there have been three major goals for the members:

  • Girls can warn other girls about guys they've dated
  • Ladies can share their experiences they had with that person whether it's good or bad
  • Women can receive relationship support and advice in general.

While there are specific rules to protect those that may be mentioned, such as “We do not allow mean spirited or judgmental comments based on a guy’s looks, age, or occupation, nor do we allow anything posted solely to make fun of anyone,” sometimes there are still things that are shared that can anger the subject of those concerns, as you may imagine. 

One guy in Chicago has been posted several times in Chicago’s local chapter of the same Facebook group, and he’s had enough: he is suing. 

In a complaint filed in the District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Nikko D'Ambrosio claimed that he had been “the subject of defamation, doxxing, and privacy invasion, among other allegations.” 

As a result, D’Ambrosio is suing 27 women, one man, and multiple social media platforms over the negative posts created about dating him on an "Are We Dating the Same Guy" Facebook group.

He is seeking damages that exceed $75,000, according to Business Insider, and the future prevention of those named defendants from continuing to make the same posts that have been made about him.

One of the 27 women named in the lawsuit includes the group’s founder, Paola Sanchez, who is also credited for being the admin in the 716 / Buffalo / WNY Facebook group local chapter by the same name. 

She turned to the Buffalo Facebook group, asking if anyone was able to donate towards her legal fees to please do so. Her Venmo is @hownowpaopao, or you can go to her GoFundMe when you click here

In the GoFundMe description, Sanchez said, “Hopefully this case can ultimately help protect groups like this all across the country by proving to those watching that our mission is about truth and protection.”

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