There is a pending lawsuit that involves a character in the most recent edition of Toy Story movies.

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World famous daredevil, Evil Knievel's company, is suing the makers of Toy Story 4 for using his likeness for the character Duke Caboom.

Duke does resemble Knievel and even makes long jumps on his motorcycle in the movie. I won't spoil it for you. But Duke Caboom is a big part in the movie and is referred to as the "Cooky Canuck".

According to reports, K&K Promotions owns the rights to Kinevel's likeness and brand and claim Disney never asked them base a character on the iconic American daredevil. The lawsuit includes side by side photos of Kinevel's own wind up toy from the 70s and Duke Kaboom.

I have often wondered if the characters in the movie had to be released by their designers or manufacturers. In each of the movies there are toys that you played with as a kid and are so real looking! Who hasn't wondered what they would be like if they came to life?

I would say that our family would pick Toy Story 2 as our favorite. When Woody's gang reunites and Woody gets to see his world before Andy, it is a classic!

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