It does not matter what town you live in you know the spots that the police like to hide out at. Maybe behind the building may be behind a sign maybe outside the street but you know the spots where you have to be extra careful especially when it comes to speeding specifically in your town.

While it looks like this fire company has blown in the coverage for the New York State Police. Though it probably is just a set up we couldn't help a chair because it is so funny. The Lancaster' New York police shared the photo and put a laughing face and it was shared a ton of times.

The South Lockport Fire Company on Transit Road in Lockport (kind of by the Aldi there) has a sign up that was cracking everyone up. It reads: 'slow down....buckle up. The cops like to sit behind this sign' and then it has some arrows pointing downwards and well and behold, there is a New York State Trooper sitting behind the sign LOL

Thank you to all of the police officers who serve and keep us safe day in and day out.

EXTRA: West Seneca Police had a little interesting situation that they got called for a little while back. This road sign flew up and hit this woman's truck and just nearly missed the windshield, thankfully. The wood had so much force that it literally wrung itself around her driver-side mirror. Take a look at these pictures from the incident on the 219.

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