How many times have we seen something happen while we’re driving in the Buffalo area that made us take a deep breath, grip the steering wheel, and hope that something terrible isn’t about to happen in front of our eyes? 

Frightening things can happen on the roads here in Western New York at any time, and all we can do is hope our fellow drivers and passengers stay safe and don’t hurt themselves or the other commuters around them. 

One such scary incident was caught on film by a local Buffalo news reporter - and unfortunately, it’s something that happens all too often. 

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Buffalo, New York TV Reporter Catches Frightening Moment On Film

Western New York news reporter Kristen Mirand of WKBW was on a typical assignment when she witnessed something horrifying - and she happened to get the incident on film. 

While working on a story about Governor Kathy Hochul’s initiative to prevent bridge strikes across New York State, she was collecting b-roll (background) footage of the Youngs Street bridge in the city of Tonawanda to use in her report. 

Suddenly, while the camera was rolling, a massive tractor trailer that didn't have enough clearance drove underneath the bridge, shredding the truck’s roof into pieces and sending debris all over the roadway. 

See the scary footage of the truck pummeling into the bridge below:

Thankfully, both Mirand and the driver are reportedly okay after the accident. 

Here’s some additional footage of the aftermath of the truck’s crash.:

We’re so glad that both she and the truck driver escaped without injuries. We hope other truck drivers will see this footage and take this into account when planning their future routes throughout Buffalo, so they can hopefully avoid this happening to their vehicles. 

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