One television reporter in Cleveland is warning Browns fans about Buffalo, but it’s not what you think. 

When you hear that a television reporter has warned the state ahead of a big AFC match-up against the Buffalo Bills, you become hopeful, especially when you’re a member of the Bills Mafia. For a split second, you think, “Wow, it sounds like Cleveland may be nervous.”

They are, but it’s not because of our team.

Mark Johnson is a local meteorologist for ABC News 5 in Cleveland, OH, and he advised Browns fans on Tuesday night to “beware” ahead of this weekend’s game. 

“BEWARE BROWNS FANS. If you are traveling to Buffalo to watch the Bills/Browns Game, snow totals of 2-4 FEET are possible in Buffalo by game-time Sunday!”

Kathleen Hanover has made the drive from Cleveland to Buffalo several times over the course of 5 years, and she shared her experience during a Buffalo snowstorm.

“Trust me when I tell you,” she wrote on Facebook. “You do not want to be on 90 during Lake Effect snow…I had one trip that took 8.5 hours (normal is nearly 3).”

Many Browns fans seemed to be deterred from making the drive after the news of the snowstorm, but you know who won’t be stopped?

The Bills Mafia – because we always show up.

According to News 4 meteorologist Mike Cejka, snow is expected to fall at a rate of 2-3 inches per hour, from Friday into Sunday.

So dress warm as you scream “Go Bills!” 

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