What started as a normal shoplifting call turned into a life-saving mission for two police officers in Hamburg after finding two kittens who had been discarded in a culvert.

Police officers were called to Wegman's in Blasdell on Tuesday by loss prevention officers to investigate a shoplifting incident there. It's something that's unfortunately still a common occurrence, but what they found was less than common.

According to WKBW, as the officers searched a nearby culvert on McKinley Parkway to recover some of the stolen goods, they found something else instead. It was a bag containing two kittens who had apparently been discarded.

As temperatures have begun to fall in Western New York, these animals are extremely lucky that they were found. This could have turned deadly for them.

The kittens were then turned over to the Ten Lives Club to hopefully be adopted instead in the next couple of weeks.

If you are ever unable to care for your animals, please do not ever just discard them.  There are plenty of families who would love to provide them with a loving place to live.  As mentioned in the Facebook post above, a simple google search would bring up multiple places in the area that are set up just for that purpose.

If you are worried about what life in a rescue will do to your animal, you can always try to re-home them yourself. This will normally leave them less stressed and will make their transition to the new home an easy one.

But leaving them out in the cold with no way to defend themselves gives them no chance to survive and is incredibly cruel.


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