We're still in August, so yes, we can still enjoy the warmth of summer, but you know fall is on the horizon, and here in Buffalo that could also mean the "s" word (aka: snow).

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Although we don't really see the first substantial snow until November, the first average snowfall for Buffalo is October 24th, according to the National Weather Service.

The earliest snowfall ever recorded in Buffalo was on September 20th, back in 1956.

The latest? Well, that was November 22nd, in both 1945 and 1985. The latest measurable snow was actually not too long ago -- December 18th in 2015.

Of course here in Western New York (especially for the southern tier and southtowns), we know to never get too surprised over how early or late in the season the snow starts falling.

Let's hope it hold off a bit this winter season though...but please, snow on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, please!

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