We all know that there are pros and cons to living anywhere in the world.

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When you are single you might consider the nightlife, how easy it is to walk to everything, and how active the community is, but when you have kids your priorities shift.

When you have kids you start looking at school districts, playgrounds, and other kid-related items in your neighborhood.

Recently US New and World Report released their list of the 25 best places to raise a family in America and two cities in New York made the list.

In their rankings, US News and World Report factored in the cost of living and average annual salary, quality of high school education, average commute time, crime rate, the area’s overall well-being, and access to top-notch health care.

The two New York State cities that made the Top 25 list are Syracuse and Albany.

Syracuse was ranked number 23 on the list. Syracuse got high grades for affordability. Residents of the central New York city spend roughly 20% of their household income on housing which is very low compared to other cities in the state and the nation. Syracuse also got high marks for the daily commute. On average parents spend only 20 minutes in traffic going to and from work each day giving them more time to spend with family.

Albany was also on the list coming in just one slot higher than Syracuse. Albany was ranked 22nd on the list and got high grades for low unemployment, higher average salary, and well below average crime rates.

You can see the Top 25 list right now HERE


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