After receiving thousands of hate comments in less than 24 hours, Buffalo Bills kicker Tyler Bass seems to have deactivated his Instagram account. 

One Bills fan shared a screenshot of Tyler Bass’s account after hearing that he deactivated, and it sure was. 

Take a look at the account screenshot below. 

After the loss, I admittedly looked up Tyler’s Instagram account in hopes of seeing that his comments were already disabled. As you may remember following the previous “wide right” scenario from 1991, people were very cruel to Scott Norwood, the Bills kicker at the time in the 90s….even though Norwood actually kept the team in a lot of the games that got them to the Super Bowl that year in the first place. 

Unfortunately, Tyler Bass had at least one Instagram post with enabled comments, and it was a post from when he proposed to his girlfriend last summer. 

As you can imagine, people were ruthless, making rude comments about not only Bass but also his fiancé. 

Shortly after the deletion of his account, it appears that somebody made a fake account of Tyler Bass to preserve a forum of hatred. 

Yuck. Aren’t we better than that?

Even if Bass made the field goal, the game would have only been tied. Sure, it definitely gives us a better chance to contend for the next round of playoffs, but it would not have won us the game. 

It’s actually sickening that 33 years later, you can’t have a little grace. 

When asked about if he is still mystified by people bringing up the missed field goal and how he feels, Scott Norwood told an interviewer: “It is puzzling. I think that simply the word ‘empathy,” probably comes to mind….If you have the ability to put yourself in my shoes, it was a tough thing to handle.

“The greatest healer is just time,” Norwood said. 

A lot of things happened throughout the Divisional Round game against the Kansas City Chiefs that could have changed the course of the game. It’s a team sport for a reason. 

Of all people, Norwood and the ‘91 Bills understand that best. 

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