The Bills are trying to add weapons to Josh Allen's offense.  Their current signing isn't sitting well with Tyreek Hill of the Miami Dolphins.

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If you love football, chances are, you love free agency.  It's super interesting to see where players go, and how much they're able to go for.  In some instances it can be eye-opening to watch some of these contracts get signed.  In others, it's like " did they pull that one off?"

The Buffalo Bills Sign Trent Sherfield

Today, the Bills signed a wide receiver off the Miami Dolphins roster.  Trent Sherfield is a former San Francisco 49er and up until today was with the Miami Dolphins.  The Bills were able to steal him from Miami with a one-year deal.

He is coming off his best year in the NFL with Miami.  He was able to haul in 30 passes for over 400 yards with the Dolphins.

The Buffalo Bills are focusing on Wide Receivers

There's no doubt that wide receiver has been a focus of the Bills this offseason.  Just last week they were able to lure former New Orleans Saints receiver Deonte Harty with a 3 year deal, and many expect (or are hoping) the Bills to try to grab one in the draft.

Here's What Miami Thinks About The Trent Sherfield Signing

A lot of the time you can tell how impactful a player has been in his career by listening to the fans of the team that they just came from.  While they won't all share the same sentiment, many times you can understand the way that player made them feel.

Let's just say that Dolphins fans...and even some players alike aren't thrilled that the Bills were able to snag him from their roster.  Pro Bowl player Tyreek Hill said it all with just three letters and an emoji.

That's not a happy face emoji.  That's an, "oh no...they stole one of my guys" emoji.

A lot of the other comments were the same.  Very few of them were from fans who seemed happy to say goodbye to Sherfield.

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