This day and age it seems we have a "best of" or "worst of" list for everything. In this particular case, it's definitely a worst of list.

Complex recently compiled their "ugliest college campuses" and University at Buffalo landed higher than you hope. The UB north campus landed at #5 for ugliest campus in the country.

Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) ranked even higher...landing at #3 on the list.

Complex said of UB's north campus.

“The campus itself is spread too thin, creating a multiple mile walk between some buildings. Due to this, the cohesiveness of the campus is nonexistent and cold (and from October to March that coldness is literal). Capen Hall, home to the president and provost of the university, looks more like a factory than the fulcrum of a center for learning.”

You can see the argument here because it can be a very long walk between buildings and it can get downright cold and windy walking through the campus.

Growing up near the campus however, it's always been a recognizable sight of my the criticism, while understandable, is a little hard to take.

At least the UB basketball and football programs are soaring!



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