It's not a complete surprise.  Some people had this one locked down a couple days ago.  But it's official.  Coach Leipold is headed to Kansas.

The University at Buffalo football program has jumped leaps and bounds from where it was when I was there.  When I was looking at colleges, UB wasn't even a Division I college.  They only joined the MAC when I was a junior there.  Craig Cirbus was still their head coach.

In the 7 years after joining Division I-A football, they had only won 10 games and lost 69.  They were a pushover.  Then came Turner Gill.

Turner Gill was really the first glimmer of hope for this team.  He was a former Heisman trophy candidate and was even on the coaching staff at Green Bay.  Two years after taking the job in Buffalo, Gill and the Bulls won their first outright MAC championship.  Then after the 2009 season, Gill was offered a job coaching in Kansas, and he took it.

The program didn't slide as much as people thought it might though.  As a matter of fact, now, The Bulls are probably better than they've ever been.  This past season for the first time they were ranked 25 on the AP Poll and much of that is due to head coach Lance Leipold.

He's been with the Bulls for the past 6 seasons and is a two-time Mid-American Conference Coach of the Year.  He's racked up a 37-33 record here and has gone 24-10 since 2018.

He's been offered a new job.  Guess where.

Leipold has agreed to a 6 year contract with the Kansas Jayhawks according to ESPN.

"We are going to build this program through developing players, discipline and determination. The philosophies engrained in our programs along the way will be key as we turn this around. This is a program that has a lot of young talent on the roster and has the infrastructure in place to succeed. The best days for this program are ahead, and my family and I are ecstatic to be a part of it. I am ready to get to work and give everything I have to the Jayhawks." - Lance Leipold

We wish Coach Leipold nothing but the best of luck turning around the Kansas program.  He has always been a friend of ours and we hope that he finds as much success in that program as he had here.


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