Uber is only about a decade old. It tested a beta launch in 2010 in San Francisco before becoming a nationwide luxury brand. But it took a few more years than we’d like to admit before we saw Uber get used in Buffalo. 

Buffalo was one of the last cities to get Uber. At the end of June in 2017, the City of Good Neighbors finally got it, and people were ecstatic. 

Now, it’s changing, but it’s changing for the better! 

New Feature Added To Uber

There’s this new feature for Uber that allows you to “Record My Ride,” which lets both the driver and the passenger record audio of their ride right on their phones in the event of safety issues. 

The feature is optional, but many are using it as an extra means of precaution. 

How Does “Record My Ride” Work?

A passenger and a driver can add the safety feature under the app section labeled “Safety Toolkit.” You enable that, and then there should be an option to record your audio, The recording will begin once you press “start.” Either party can begin recording at any time during a ride, but the recording will automatically stop after a trip is completed. 

What Happens To The Uber Recording?

The audio files are encrypted, according to Uber, and they are stored on the device of the person who enabled the recording. 

According to Uber, “no one can listen to the audio,” including the company, the driver, and/or the rider, while the recording is on a device. 

The only time Uber would receive access to this audio file is if an incident is reported and the driver and/or rider submit the recording to be used as a form of evidence. Then, it will be reviewed by a safety specialist. 

Do Other People Know If You’re Recording?

When a driver enables the recording option, it will send a message to the rider, alerting them that audio may be recorded during their trip. 

Will There Be A Video Recording Option?

Eventually, there might be. As of now, there is a video recording feature that allows drivers to record from their front facing cameras, but it is under trial at the time. It sounds like it may be something that becomes an option in the near future! 

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