There’s been a lot of weird stuff in the sky recently, so can you blame us if this one looks like a UFO?

It was only five days ago when the U.S. military completed their recovery of the debris from the Chinese balloon, and authorities from the United States and Canada called off searches for three other unidentified objects (The U.S. Intelligence community believed that the three objects were tied to private companies for recreation or research purposes). 

Now, there’s a new sky sighting, and it’s right above Western New York. You may have even seen it if you were sky gazing on Tuesday night. 

In case you missed it, here is a photo: 

Photo Credit: Facebook Group
Photo Credit: Facebook Group

One resident that saw the photo said that she saw it in Elmwood Park. It was moving away towards the direction of the high school. 

Some people joked that it looked like an X-wing Starfighter from Star Wars. Others zoomed in and said it looks like a helicopter, but it looks higher up than other helicopters you may have seen. 

Last week, a few residents in Western New York saw Starlink, a satellite internet constellation operated by SpaceX, but it looks more likely that it was a drone rather than a UFO. 

Since most of the reports come from people living in Tonawanda and Niagara Falls, it would make sense that we would have seen the drones that are stationed at the Niagara Falls airbase. 

What do you think it looks like? 

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