Now that the NFL draft is over, veterans have found their places during free agency and the preseason is underway, the odds of winning the Super Bowl have been updated, per NBC. Buffalo Bills fans are going to like the odds here. It is certainly the highest they have been in a long, long time. According to CBS Sports, the Buffalo Bills have the third-best betting odds in the NFL, right behind the 2020 and 2021 Super Bowl Champions, respectively.

1.) Chiefs +525
2.) Buccaneers +650
3.) Bills +1300
4.) Ravens +1400
5.) Rams +1400
6.) 49ers +1400
7.) Packers +1600

A week ago, Bills fans found out how much Josh Allen's contract was worth to stay in Western New York. Allen signed a six-year, $258 million extensions with up to a potential $288, proving that the Bills think they have their franchise quarterback. There's is no doubt that Josh Allen has fit right into the Buffalo community with all of his involvement and giving back as he embraces the rest of the culture. He just seems extremely genuine in the process.

The Bills schedule is not the easiest, but after computer-generated predictions, the Buffalo Bills still have a shot at the Super Bowl. Now, it is important to note that these are all based on betting odds for money and these teams would be your SAFEST BET.

As the Buffalo Bills get hotter and hotter you see EVEN MORE fans wanting to travel to go support the team. Some of the highlighted road games would be Tampa Bay, Miami, New Orleans and of course, Nashville. Back in 2019, Buffalo Bills fans SWAMPED Nashville for a weekend when they hosted the Bills in an October game. There is a bridge in Nashville connecting the stadium parking lot to downtown Nashville, and after the Bills win, it was a sight that many were unable to forget: the entire stadium was let out, but it only seemed like there were Bills fans there. Check out the picture below.

Of course, the shout song was loud going over the bridge.

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