The National Football League's preseason got underway officially on Thursday night in Ohio as the annual Hall of Fame game took place between the New York Jets and the Cleveland Browns. It was a beautiful night for football as the Browns beat the Jets 21-16.

The football season never ends here in the Western New York area as we are always following and rooting for the Buffalo Bills both on and off the field. As a new stadium goes up, fans of the Buffalo Bills are even buying the dirt from under the construction area on Abbott Road in Orchard Park.

As Bills fans, we also know and joke about the fact that the Buffalo Bills are the ONLY team to play NFL games at home in New York State. So when the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles released the latest license plates that feature the Giants and the Jets, fans here in the Buffalo area were at it again.

The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles has released updated license plates for the New York Giants and New York Jets. People can visit the official DMV website if they're interested in getting their hands on the plates that can be placed on both passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles.

The New York Giants and Jets may be popular in the New York City area. However, let's not forget they are actually New Jersey based teams.

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