One of the most popular placed to open at Walden Galleria was shutdown by Erie County officials over the weekend.

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Urban Air just opened it's doors last week and was closed by the health department.

According to reports, because under state rules, indoor amusement parks can't operate right now. Officials say management had already been told they couldn't open the facility but did it anyways.

This is just one more frustration that has come up since the COVID-19 pandemic began. It was just last week that Governor Cuomo allowed some movie theaters to open at limited capacity. Things have to be frustrating for all business owners this year and it doesn't see to be getting any better.

Urban Air's opening got plenty of hype and it would have been nearly impossible to open discreetly. If you opened Facebook or Twitter this past week you probably saw at least one report of it opening. I understand the need to follow rules and the health department has it's job to do. However, at this point it is feeling more like the things that we look forward to the most and that are fun are being targeted. Just ask any frustrated Bills fan who is waiting for the governor to show up in Orchard Park to give his approval for the opening of Bills stadium to fans!

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