The big game is this weekend! And there is always a need for some good, cold beer! But the best beer, is free beer and there is a unique opportunity for those who are computer savvy to grab a free brew.

According to the report, Miller Lite is kicking off a contest on Sunday to score a signature six-pack. When an ad from rival Michelob Ultra airs on TV, type a specific URL into Miller's search browser. The hook is that the URL is a whopping 836 characters. It's a jab at Michelob for promoting a 95-calorie beer, one less than Miller's. The company claims burning that extra calorie "is as simple as typing in a ridiculously long URL."

Just like any other event, you need to plan out the Super Bowl and what you are going to snack on. It is traditionally one of the biggest days for take-out pizza and wings. But don't forget the drinks! Beer is probably the most popular. However, one of the biggest advertisers on the broadcast won't be this weekend. It has been reported that Budweiser will spend it's money for COVID relief efforts and not on the biggest game of the season.

It doesn't matter who you are cheering for this weekend. When free beer is on the line, it can be a win! However, most Buffalo Bills fans seem to be cheering for Kansas City over Tampa Bay because of Tom Brady leading the Bucs.

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