Can you wear white after Labor Day? Of course you can because this is America, and this weekend we celebrate Labor Day -- a holiday "dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers."

You work hard, so wear white if you want.

But where did this commonly heard style rule come from? It has two origin stories, one has more to do with function, and the other has to do with style -- just kidding, it has to do with being a mean rich snob.

So, in the era before air conditioning, many people would wear white or light-colored clothing during the hottest, sunniest months of summer to prevent heat stroke.

Secondly, rich society type people adhered to the rule as a way to judge other rich people -- old money vs. new money. If you didn’t want to be seen as a "new money" kind of person, you didn’t wear white after Labor Day, ever.

Now, you can get away with wearing whatever you want, no matter the date on the calendar -- as long as you Instagram your outfit.

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