When I saw this photo on the news I laughed because I thought that it could not be real at all. People "photoshop" photos everyday. I've seen photos of the President of the United States and someone "photoshopped" to stand right next to him. It's funny but not legal and not reality. I shared that thought with this photo when I first saw it, but the story about this photo has surfaced.

We all know by now that Vancouver lost game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals at home and Boston was the team that hoisted the cup. After the game there were riots in the streets in Vancouver with people breaking windows and starting fires, a real bad scene.

The photo shows two people laying on the ground in the midst of the riots and police kissing! Who would have time with all of that going on to have a romantic moment? After attending game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals Australian bartender Scott Jones and canadian college student Alex Thomas were apparently caught in the middle of the riots and Alex was injured just before this picture was taken. Not as romantic as the photo looks, Scott was obviuosly consoling his injured girlfriend.


So how was the couple identified in the photo? Scott's dad posted the photo to his Facebook page yesterday from Perth, Australia and captioned it with "This is my son, hows that for making love not war"! Now the couple is being sought by media from all over the world, everyone wants to speak with this couple about their not so romantic, but very romantic photo!

According to Brett Jones Facebook page the couple will be interviewed on NBC's Today Show coming up on Monday morning!

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