Vidler's is now reopened!

As of 9 o'clock this morning (Tuesday, June 2) Vidler's is reopened for business at their regular hours! They're open every day from 9am to 9pm except Sundays they are open 9 to 5.

There retail, professional services, barbers, hair salons, real estate/rental leasing and administrative support businesses are welcome to open in Erie County during Phase II (which at the time of posting is not officially open yet).

If you are a Phase II business, you must submit an attestation to NYS that you have a safety plan in place to protect staff and customers. You DO NOT have to submit the plan itself, just confirmation that you have one according to Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz!

How will things be different as they reopen? According to their Facebook post below:

We'll have small bottles of hand sanitizer around the store, and feel free to ask for some if you don't see it. Our public rest rooms (2) have always been one-person only and have hot water, soap and high-volume air dryers.


We will frequently clean public surfaces -- register areas, counters, railings, handles etc., and we humbly ask for your cooperation in not picking up every piece of merchandise. We know that's hard NOT to do at Vidler's, but if you can minimize the touchy/feely except for those items that you intend to purchase -- we will be very appreciative.

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