It was an incredible honor and surprise when Mayor Byron Brown declared last Thursday Dale Mussen Day in Buffalo in honor of my 40 years in Buffalo radio broadcasting.  When I went to Buffalo City Hall to accept the proclamation we took a tour of the mayor's office, met his staff and ended up doing something I've never done in all my years living in Buffalo.

We went up to the 26th floor of city hall, climbed a few sets of stairs and opened up a view of the city I've never seen before.  In every direction you look you'll get a spectacular view including, in the distance, Niagara Falls.  You can even see the mist from the falls from city hall.  And we were lucky enough to have been up there on an absolutely beautiful day.

The best part of the observation deck at Buffalo City Hall is that it's absolutely free.  And I was really surprised at how few people take advantage of it.  Maybe they don't even know it exists.  I've lived here all of my life and it's the first time I was up there.  Here are a few of the views of Buffalo from city hall.

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