Buffalo, New York is one of those cities that feels close (or attached) to everything – somehow, someway. You’ll hear Western New Yorkers say, “There’s always a Buffalo connection,” and usually, there is! 

One of the best places to day-trip, many Western New Yorkers will take a ride out to this village for not only the scenery, small town feel, and wineries – but also for this historical diner restaurant. 

Located in Penn Yan, New York, you will find one of the last remaining dining cars in the country, and it’s only a few hours away from Buffalo, New York. 

Where Is The Dining Car?

The dining car is called the Penn Yan Diner, and it is located at 131 E. Elm Street, Penn Yan, NY 14527. 

What’s On The Menu?

This is one of the most inclusive dining cars that you will find in the world. Yes, they serve breakfast all day, but many of the options can be made gluten-free or plant-based at your request! They have all your classics, but the fan-favorite menu item is the diner pancakes. Most people prefer the Sweetcream pancakes, but you can get Buckwheat too! Plus, they have home fries and famous loaded tots too! 

The History of Dining Cars

The Penn Yan Diner was manufactured by the Galion Dining Car company of Galion, Ohio, and it arrived at its current location on Elm Street in 1925. That means it’s almost been 100 years of operation!

Although the Penn Yan Diner is one of the last dining cars across America, there used to be a ton of them. The affordable prices for comfort foods, eating in a cramped booth (all for the aesthetic) was something that a lot of people looked forward to. Dining cars were a draw, too, because it looked like it was part of a train!

Part of that reason is because most diners actually started out on wheels. In the late 1800s, street carts would sell snacks and lunches turned into roving lunch wagons, and a lot of these wagons had coffee urns, old school windows, and that classic train design. 

There is just something about the diner car aesthetic, and you can take a sneak peak at the Penn Yan Diner below! 

12 Photos Of Historic Dining Car

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