The pandemic has been frustrating for many reasons and one of the biggest frustrations has been not seeing loved ones who are sick or have to spend time in a hospital. Things are about to change at various hospitals in the Western New York and Buffalo area.

According to reports,visitation will begin, in part, at Catholic Health hospitals. For four hours, 2pm-6pm, family and friends can visit loved ones at Kenmore Mercy Hospital, Mount Saint Mary's Hospital, Mercy Hospital of Buffalo and Sisters of Charity Hospital. However, there are restrictions. Only one visitor can be inside each room at a time and they must undergo a health screening, wash their hands and wear a face mask.

We were fortunate to have had our baby born just a few weeks prior to the pandemic and general shutdown of things in Buffalo. I remember that when we were in the hospital, our biggest fear was not COVID at the time, it was the flu which had been particularly tough on kids in the beginning of 2020. Fast forward a year and we are celebrating our son's first birthday!

The pandemic has been rough for everyone, but, not being able to see those you love at your most vulnerable time is probably the worst thing for any patient. Seeing the visitation happening in at least some for is certainly great news.

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