This is CRAZY! I was in the kitchen chopping some veggies and I heard this noise in the basement. I didn't think anything of it but then it got louder and more persistent. IT sounded like Spartacus the Diabetic cat was in the laundry room playing with metal hangers. The only problem with that was Spartacus doesn't play with hangers and halfway down the stairs, I realized that Spartacus was in the living room! I bolted back up the stairs because who knows what fresh hell could be down there. Fast forward a little bit and add another person...we head downstairs to scope it out.

The noise was coming from the water tank???? WHat? Yes, something was in the exhaust pipe of the water tank! After blocking the opening to the tank off so the animal wouldn't fall in and several calls to dad I was able to get this video.

Did you see the beak?!?!?! By the time more reinforcement got there with a plan and some buckets to get the little thing out it had moved to the chimney cleanout. The chimney cleanout has no access at the base, the access is at eye level!  There was no reaching in a shoo-ing the bird out.

We were able to see the bird stuck in there by sticking our hand in with the phone and grabbing a picture.


We tried everything and just couldn't get him out. From noise to sticking stuff down there, the bird was not moving! :(

So this leads me to ask,

What animals have gotten into your house? 



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