There is big news for those who shop at both Walmart and Aldi here in New York State. The holidays are almost here and families will be saving on their favorite dishes.

The price of things is certainly not anything to be thankful for these days. In fact, the current mortgage rates of over 8% are setting records and that means paying $1000 more than you would per month to have a home than even 3 2-3 years ago! Any savings at this point would be welcomed!

The leaders at Walmart and Aldi have announced that they will be selling things at a discount this year. Starting November 1st, both retailers plan to cut the cost of Thanksgiving and Christmas meals to help ease the burden of inflation.

Fox Business reported that:

Walmart did not disclose how much the baskets will cost but said it would include staples such as a turkey, priced at under $1 per pound, as well as ham, stuffing and pumpkin pie.

The good news, for some, here in New York State the Governor has announced that families will be getting checks sent to them soon and as early as this coming Tuesday for some families.

The governor announced that $12 million in federal funding is being used and administered by the New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance through the federal Pandemic Emergency Assistance Fund.

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