If you've been to more than one wedding in a summer, they might start to all look the same.  If you're looking to do something unique, here's an idea...

Weddings can sometimes seem very cookie cutter-esque.  Brides and grooms often do the same things that have been done for years.  It makes sense that some of those traditions shouldn't be left out.  But sometimes those traditions can be changed around, still not forgotten, and done differently.

That happened over the weekend.

One of the biggest things that drains time from your reception is after dinner and before dancing.  All these people came to celebrate with you and they hope to see you at least once before the night is over.  So traditionally, the bride and groom will go from table to table to thank their guests for coming and celebrating with them.

Now picture this.  Let's assume you have 250 people at your wedding. If you have 10 people per table, that's 25 tables (if my college level math is correct).  Now let's assume you spend just 5 minutes at every table saying thank you.  That's over 2 hours just walking around to give someone 5 minutes.

Is it important to greet your guests?  Absolutely.  Is there a different way to do it?  There is.

The couple whose wedding I was at over the weekend chose to get up after they ate and become guest bartenders.  It was brilliant!  This simple little idea allowed three things:

1.)  They didn't end up having to close the bar during dinner.  Yes...probably a bit more expensive, but the guests LOVED IT.

2.)  The couple was able to spend just a few minutes with guests that wanted to chat a bit.  They got to see the guests that wanted to see them.

3.)  They were able to score some extra tips!  :)


Looking to do something different for your wedding?  This is a great idea.  It was a huge hit with their guests.  The best advice I can give is to just make your wedding your own.


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