This could be the most awkward trip to Tim Horton's I have ever had. What started out as a family drive to get a coffee, turned in to a bit of a comedy.

Hank was taking a nap in the back seat and my wife Elizabeth and I were just enjoying a nice afternoon ride in to East Aurora. The Tim Horton's in East Aurora can be tricky to maneuver especially during the peak of the afternoon traffic. Getting in and out can be tough.

Most days, I get a coffee at the location on McKinley near Southwestern Blvd. or NOCO on route 5. The order screen and the speaker to hear the attendant is combined. BUT in EA, there is a separate speaker stand that I must have missed?

Things got even more awkward when the woman ahead of us tried to pay for our order and we tried to pay for the guy behind us.

You see, I had to order at the window because I passed the speaker and when I got to the window, the girl had a coffee waiting for me. However, it was for the guy behind us who had just ordered!

It was not only awkward but also embarrassing.  The good news is that the staff at this Tim Horton's was very patient!


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