Who would have really seen this coming? At least the guy was honest. So, what would you really do if you won the Powerball Jackpot? Remember, that's $700 million dollars. This guy's answer? Oh, nothing complex.

Just get hookers and cocaine. No biggie.

As you can tell the reporter tries to shield her embarrassment (and the answer) as best she can while on LIVE television, but we're still over here cracking up of his honest. This Saturday’s Powerball Jackpot is the largest lottery prize of all time. The previous record of $656 million. It is well over $700 million no because Wednesday’s Powerball numbers found no winner. The odds right now that you have the winning ticket? 1 in over 300 million.

So, really what would you do if you won this Saturday's Powerball Jackpot?

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