It’s one of the most uncomfortable situations you can be in at a bar: having to shut someone down politely enough but also to make it crystal clear that you are not interested.

If you have ever told someone “no,” yet they still insist on buying you a shot, walking you out to your car, and continuing the pursuit, there are some Buffalo ways to reject someone that should make it very clear that you’re not interested. 

The whole situation is tough, because you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings but you also don’t want to be pursued all night. Or maybe you have been going out with someone for a few dates and you don’t really feel a connection – all of these rejection tactics can be used to burn the bridge you’re on. 

Take a look at the top 10 Buffalo ways to reject someone below. 

10 Buffalo Ways To Reject Someone

If you've already given the pursuit a dozen no's and more, maybe try one of these very Buffalo ways to reject someone.

The key is to be direct, and do not waver as you deliver the rejection. Keep it simple, and do not apologize, because if you apologize, it implies that you did something wrong. And it’s not wrong to call something off that doesn’t feel right to you. 

Although rejecting someone in person is the most honorable and respectful way to end things, it is ok to do it over a call or text, too. It depends how far into the relationship you are, of course, but if it’s only a few dates, a text is ok. 

Don’t drag out the rejection, and don’t give false hope. Honesty is really important when you reject someone. If your words are too pretty, the other person may think they still have a chance with you. Stay strong, be firm with your words, and go onward.

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