It seems like it's the same thing every year on the 4th of July.  Either you have the place where you always go, or you're always looking for a better place to go to watch fireworks.  This year, we found the perfect place to watch fireworks.  And we found it completely by accident.

It feels like every year people do one of these or a combination of the following things:

1.  The heck with going somewhere to watch a professional fireworks show.  "I'm going to just go buy some at one of those tents that I saw on the way to work."  Before you know it, you end up in the emergency room with severe burns to your face and body.

2.  We are going to go to the most popular place to watch fireworks.  Parking costs money and you have to leave the party at 3pm to find a parking spot.

Normally our family doesn't bother with the fireworks.  Our dogs kind of lose their minds a little when we are away on the 4th of July so we try to get home to be with them and make them feel a little better.

But this year, we found a perfect spot to watch the fireworks.  We were driving our son's girlfriend to her house and had to drive up the 219 to get there.  It was incredible!  There were fireworks literally everywhere.

Granted, the timing was perfect.  We left my brother's party when they went to watch the fireworks in Boston and we caught just about every show on the way from there to West Seneca.  We saw Boston's fireworks, Orchard Park's fireworks, the fireworks at Highmark Stadium, and a bunch in West Seneca.  It was a drive like no other drive I've ever taken before.

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